Wine Testing By An Iron Gate Wine Sommelier

How can I ensure my wine is good to drink?

Opening a special bottle of wine in front of your guests can be embarrassing if the wine turns out to be corked or off in some other way.  Worse yet, if you don’t notice the fault only to have your guest announce to the table, “I think there’s something off with this wine”. Introducing, Coravin wine tasting.

Thanks to Coravin wine sampling technology, Iron Gate is able to eliminate this possibility. Our sommelier will come to your cellar and “access” a tiny sample of all the wine that you should be drinking in the coming year. They will taste and ensure the wine is in perfect condition, advise how long you should decant before serving and, if desired, provide a brief tasting note. Once complete a small sticker is placed in the punt, so that when you pull the wine you know that it is in perfect condition for your guests!

How much does it cost to have my wine checked by Coravin wine testing Sommelier?

The cost for this service is only $5 per bottle or $7.50 with tasting notes. You are also welcome to accompany our sommelier to learn about these wines at a flat rate of $85 per hour. Please call for information or to book an appointment.

The Details

  • Clients subscribing to have access to reporting, which lists when their wines are approaching their optimal maturity date in the coming year (or have passed it).  This is the list the sommelier will use to test, however we are more than happy to sample more, or all, at your request.
  • The sommelier visits the client’s home (within the GTA or travel costs may apply), and pulls the wines to access an ounce or less from each bottle, utilizing the Coravin Wine Access System.
  • Coravin is a technology that allows the user to extract wine from a bottle without pulling the cork.  The removed wine is displaced 1:1 with argon gas, an odorless, tastless and perfectly safe gas that preserves the remaining wine without exposing it to oxygen.  Wine has been proven to keep for many years following access with no affect whatsoever.  See the Coravin wine site for more details, or watch this video featuring renowned wine critic Robert Parker.
  • The wine is sampled and confirmed as acceptable (free of faults), or not.  A small label is placed in the punt at the bottom of the bottle confirming extraction, date, and optimal decanting time. subscribers can also receive notes logged directly into the system.
  • Our sommelier brings all necessary stemware.
  • Clients interested in tasting the wine with our sommelier are welcome to attend.  The pricing model will then change from per bottle to per hour.

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