Wine Auction Houses

Iron Gate works with selected auction houses to procure consignments for Canadians from coast to coast.  We manage all aspects of pick up, photography, shipping and care while in our possession. The consignment contract is with selected auction house directly.

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After careful consideration, IronGate has selected 2 auction houses to partner with HDH (Chicago) and Zachys (New York/Hong Kong).


Zachys Wine Auctions is the fastest growing auction house in the world. Its experience reaches back to the introduction of wine auctions into New York City in 1994.  Achieved $55.5 million (22% growth compared to 2014) in sales in 2015, with customers based in USA, Thailand, mainland China, Tokyo, Brazil, throughout Europe, and in Singapore, South Korea, and elsewhere in Asia. Furthermore, as the nation’s largest and most powerful retailer of fine Bordeaux, Zachys has established relationships in Bordeaux and throughout Europe that no other auction house can boast. Despite the rapid rise to the top of the U.S. wine auction market, and the international status as a purveyor of fine and rare wines, Zachys is still a family business at heart. What truly sets everything attached to the Zachys name apart – be it the retail store, the auction division or our private storage service – is our commitment to exceptional customer service. This dedication to keep both consignors and buyers satisfied runs throughout the entire Zachys Wine Auctions experience.

 Hart Davis Logo

Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is a market leader in the world wine market, bringing first-rate consignments to the auction block with record results. With 75 years of combined experience and over 30 successful auctions, HDH have successfully sold over $100 million of wine to participants from 19 countries and over 40 states. The largest auction house in United States, HDH  pride themselves on the accuracy, efficiency and organization of their entire auction process. The consignment team work tirelessly to help clients achieve record prices and the highest sell-through rates in the fine wine business. As the most experienced team in the fine wine auction business, HDH brings together private collectors, trade buyers and investors from all over the world and ensures that your collection is properly and professionally represented to bring you the highest possible return. HDH sold $41 million in 2015 with the buyer’s base in USA, China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Over the past three years a tremendous expansion in Latin America (Brazilian collectors).

For more information or to discuss how to sell your wine to more of the world, please get in touch.