VinGardeValise – Wine Suitcase For Travel

What is the best wine suitcase for travel?

The VinGardeValise ® is a wine suitcase that provides you with a functional, stylish, sturdy, and durable piece of wine luggage that you will travel with proudly, and that will safely carry your “bottled poetry” anywhere in the world. Every component and design feature has been rigorously tested and retested, reflecting its creator’s singular focus on quality, ease of use, and durability.

Iron Gate – Private Wine Management never stops making the life of wine lovers a little more convenient. We strive to provide the best service and bring to your attention the best news, inventions and discoveries in the world of fine wine. We are proud to introduce to the Canadian market, the VinGardeValise ®.

Why should I travel with a VinGardeValise ® wine suitcase?

The VinGardeValise ® is the creation of Barry Wax, the proprietor of Line Sales, LLC. When a friend challenged him to design the ultimate wine carrier, he masterminded the VinGardeValise ® over a three-year period, developing a number of prototypes before creating the final design. Barry also has several patents to his credit, and these include wine glass id rings, a wine flight carrier, and wine aerator. His latest innovation is the VinGardeValise ®.

For the convenience of our customers, who travel infrequently, Iron Gate has purchased 4 VinGardeValises and they are available for rent. If you travel more often and would like to own one of these fantastic valises, please contact, and she would be very happy to help you.