Wine Transport Services

What is the best way to move my wine internationally?

Wine is a delicate product that requires special handling when crossing international borders. Iron Gate manages the shipping of wine on a continuous basis – wine transport to Chicago for auction, Hong Kong to sell, moving personal wine to Switzerland, wine relocation between homes, and within Canada across provinces for many purposes.

How do I protect my investment during wine transport?

As an added security measure we often include eProvenance tracking devices with the shipment that will update location and transport conditions along the way. In the event that a shipment of wine becomes subjected to higher or lower than acceptable temperature during transport, we will instantly receive a message telling us the location and temperature, allowing us to rectify the situation before it’s too late. 30 minutes at over 25 degrees will change the chemical composition of wine, permanently damaging it. With the eProvenance system and our expertise in moving wine, we can ensure that never happens. This only comes from the experience that Iron Gate brings to the table with our trusted transportation partners.

Which are the best wine transport companies and cellar movers?

XPEDITR INC. – known as the experts in wine relocation, Adam Gungle and the team at XPEDITR are the preferred shipping partner for Iron Gate and IronGate.Wine.

Connoisseur Int’l Wines – Nick Terry and his crew have worked with us for many Europe to Canada moves.  True professionals.

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