Iron Gate manages an environmentally controlled, high security vault for the perfect storage for maturation of our client’s wine.  Located 20 feet underground, literally in a concrete cube, the facility is accessible only by our staff. Here we ensure that your collection ages to perfection, is accessible when you choose to withdraw all or a portion and is maintained under strict security conditions without parallel.

For maximum convenience we have developed our own barcode based inventory control system which allows us to manage all of our client’s wine data and gives you access to your cellar inventory through a password protected site. Here you can view your collection, add tasting notes and request a delivery or pick up.  When a pick up request is made, the system triggers a pull order that is sent to our Cellar Manager to advise where the wine is located in the cellar, if this is a delivery or pick up, timing, and sends a confirmation report by email to the client.  To try a demonstration of eCellar simply click here and use as the email and wine as the password. For clients storing their wine in their own home cellar, we also offer a comprehensive inventory system which you can learn more about here.

The cost for cellaring with Iron Gate is surprisingly low and highly competitive. Pricing begins at $3.75 per case per month for less than 20 cases and reduces based on contractual terms, volume of wine, prepayment options, etc.

We also provide high resolution digital photography of each bottle for the purposes of insurance or potential sale. Please contact us for a quote specific to your collection.

Some common scenarios for wine storage with Iron Gate include:

Moving or Living Offshore

  • Residing in Toronto for part of the year, and elsewhere for the remainder, clients demand that the wine collection they maintain in this country be cared for in their absence under the optimal conditions and be withdrawn easily when they return. When cellaring with Iron Gate, clients can view their collections 24×7 through, arrange withdrawals as simply as clicking a button or making a call, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Clients may be temporarily transferring away from Toronto for work purposes and require storage while they are abroad. Moving fine wine a great distance is a risky proposition at the best of times and the movement over a long period of time can compromise the quality. Iron Gate will take delivery of your prized collection, transport it to our facility, and ensure it is cared for while you’re away. If you would like to have wine some sent to you, Iron Gate can arrange all aspects of delivery for any volume you choose.

Home Cellar Overflow

  • Many clients will keep a portion of their collection at home and the remainder stored with us that are earmarked for longer term consumption.  A few times a year they’ll put in a request for some cases to be sent to their home to replenish their wine cabinet; making Iron Gate an extension of their home cellar.  When new wines are purchased they can be sent directly to our facility where they will be checked, cataloged and a receipt will be sent by email so you know they have arrived safe and sound.

Home or Cellar Renovations & Moving House

  • Major renovations can take many months and unfortunately sometimes years – making it difficult to maintain proper storage while the renovations take place. Iron Gate will care for your collection during the project and can provide access and delivery of small volumes for consumption when required. When renovations are complete we provide safe transport back to your cellar, unpacking, set up and installation of a great inventory control system and labeling of racks for easy locating of your wine.

Corporate Cellarage

  • Iron Gate holds wine for restaurants and clubs undergoing renovation or those who want to store some of their excess wine with us due to limited space. We also take care of storage for a number of international consulates and also manage all deliveries and intakes.

Emergency Storage

  • In the unfortunate circumstance that the integrity of your home cellar is compromised – such as flooding or adverse storage conditions, Iron Gate can act very quickly to pack, transport and store your wine to ensure it’s quality is not affected. We can also provide bottle photography and inventory services for insurance purposes.