Iron Gate Wine FAQ

Here are a selection of inquiries that Iron Gate is most commonly asked. Can’t find the answer to your question? Or would you like some more information? Just get in touch.

Can I take a tour of the wine storage facility?

Absolutely! Our standard hours of operation are 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment. However, Warren is happy to accommodate off-hours requests where reasonable. A little notice is all we ask.

What should I do regarding wine insurance?

This question comes up often. We carry blanket insurance on the contents within our care with certain limitations, and self insure for minor incidents.  We are also an authorized provider to the Chubb Masterpiece Protection Network and augment our insurance by referring clients to a local broker who can fill all of their needs through Chubb’s Sommelier Package which will encompass their collection at home and in our care.

How do you maintain inventory of wine in the vault?

Utilizing proprietary software, Iron Gate has a state of the art inventory management system housed on servers that reside offsite and are managed 24×7. Every case is individually barcoded giving us an instant reading on the contents and owner. When clients store with us, they have 24/7 access to their inventory online. See here for more information on storage and to access a demo of

What is the average volume of wine stored by each client? Is there a maximum or minimum volume?

Our client’s volume ranges greatly but the average is 50 cases per client. Our maximum is only limited by our capacity. Our standard minimum is 20 cases but we’ll make exceptions if a client is growing their collection, or contracting for an extended period.

Can you manage my wine collection while I am away?

Yes. With written authorization we can have your wine delivered in your absence. We will also take delivery from the LCBO or local agents. When we receive a wine shipment it is inventoried and you are sent a digitally signed copy of the inventory receipt. All paperwork is retained here for your records.

Can I access my wine after hours at your facility?

Iron Gate is not a self-serve facility, and therefore can only be accessed with one of our staff in attendance. That said, we are always happy to accommodate after hours requests for both delivery and pick up where reasonable.

Can you help ship my wine or have wine shipped in from other countries or provinces?

We have connections with a number of shipping companies both to and from other provinces or countries. We will manage the process for our storage clients and refer other inquiries to the appropriate companies – see Transportation. While you’re thinking about it, we highly recommend these devices to ensure security and safety of your wine in transit.