eProvenance Wine Protection

Why should I protect my wine?

Have you ever wondered why certain works of art or antiques are so sought after, and can maintain such a high value? Aside from the rarity, it also has a lot to do with provenance; just like art, fine wine can have provenance too. Good provenance can increase and maintain the value of your cellar – and Iron Gate has the solution for your fine bottles. Introducing, eProvenance.

What’s the best way to protect the provenance of my wine?

eProvenance is an amazing company out of Boston whose products we distribute to our clients.  The primary product is a sensor that is best described in the video below. We also distribute devices that can remotely monitor home cellar conditions, and the conditions a wine is subjected to while in transit in order to ensure the ultimate in provenance for your fine wine, whether it’s stored in your home, our facility, or en route to a new location.

Why should I use eProvenance to protect my wine investment?

For a very low cost, eProvenance sensors can help provide and maintain good provenance for your wine. While you might never intend on selling any or all of your cellar, the future is unpredictable, and for the added value that eProvenance can give, we think it’s a very worthwhile investment for your valuable bottles.