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What do clients say about Iron Gate Wine?

Below are some of the kind words that Iron Gate Private Wine Management clients have offered to share about our services and team.

Marco A., New York, NY

“Warren and his team do an outstanding job…totally professional, knowledgeable….and service oriented. We are very happy with this creative wine company and its array of wine services.‎”

David P., Etobicoke, ON

“I currently live in the US and have been storing my wine here for five years. Not only is it very reasonable from a price perspective, but the service provided is great. Pick up is easy and my wine is ready for me when I arrive.”

Brigid H., Etobicoke, ON

“I have been very pleased with the service provided by Iron Gate, including the promptness of the firm in picking up wines for storage, or delivering stored wine to my home.”

Alec C., London, England

“Faced with a difficult job involving carrying out the wishes of a dear friend who passed away you came to the rescue with your expertise and kindness. My friend’s wishes were carried out and the recipient and myself were very happy with the packing and delivery. Service like this does not come by everyday.”

Stuart L., Toronto, ON

“Iron Gate has provided personalized and professional wine services which I have been thoroughly satisfied with. I feel my investment is being suitably cared for during my travels abroad.”

J.M. Z, St. John’s, NL

“Warren and his knowledgeable staff are invaluable resources to any oenophile who wishes to store their wine, evaluate their collection, use any of their modern wine inventory management and software systems, or need wine purchasing consultation or sommelier services. A one stop destination for virtually all of your ‘grape’ requirements.‎”

Michael B., Toronto, ON

“When I moved from my home with large wine cellar, I needed a place to store my valuable wines while still having access. The first place I used was a total bust where service wasn’t in their mindset. Fortunately, I found Iron Gate and things have been totally different. They not only store in a proper facility but they have kept track of wines and informed me when some I had forgotten were ready to drink. The online inventory has tremendous value and is most useful. I would send anyone who asks directly to Warren knowing they are in great hands. And when I call there is a culture of good service in everyone there.‎”

Robert C., Toronto, ON

“I have a collection of wines that must be stored and cared for in a very particular way. There is no question that Iron Gate has the best facility in Toronto and their inventory system is out of this world. After seeing the additional services they have planned it will take less time and effort to keep track of my cellar.”

John R., Toronto, ON

“My encounters with Warren and Iron Gate over the years have always been highly professional and a pleasure to interface with. Knowledgeable, transparent and very dedicated to their customers’ best interest, I would highly recommend their service.‎”

Rick S, Toronto, ON

“Iron Gate has done a wonderful job helping us track and inventory our wine as well as introducing wine buying opportunities. Warren has always been a pleasure to deal with is keen to have strong long term customer relationships.”

John P., Toronto, ON

“What a great idea! My wines are safe, I don’t have to worry about the temperature in my cellar or “unauthorized” withdrawals, or arguments about how the cellar would really make a better closet, etc. I also don’t have to remember what I have or what really needs to be drunk now; it’s all on the inventory list. And last, I just ask for whatever wine I need over the web, and it shows up at my house in a couple of days. Incredible!‎”

Isadore S, Toronto, ON

“Faced with the challenge of storing wine in Toronto while living out of the country, Iron Gate came the rescue. Inquiries were responded to promptly, and the service provided was truly exceptional. Cases of wine were retrieved from my friend’s home and placed in the cellar. Gradually getting the wine back has been very easy. I would not hesitate a second in recommending Iron Gate.”