Chubb Insurance For Wine Collections

Should I insure my wine collection with Chubb Insurance?

Insuring your wine collection

Building a cellar full of fine wine can take many years – some even spend a whole lifetime doing it. Just like all valuable collectibles such as art, classic vehicles, sporting, or music memorabilia, wine needs insurance too. That’s where Chubb Insurance comes in. Many individuals are unaware that their home and contents insurance policy may not adequately cover the value of their wine cellar until it’s too late, and they need to make a claim. Many may not even realise what their cellar is actually worth – we can assist with this too.

Iron Gate is a proud member of Chubb Insurance’s Masterpiece Protection Network, a pre-screened group of vendors that Chubb has chosen to assist their clients in time of need. Chubb recognize the need for tailored insurance solutions for your wine cellar, and have developed specific insurance to protect your collection.

Chubb’s coverage is ‘all-risk’ – meaning your investment in wine can be protected against a broad range of losses.  It takes both time and money to build up a fine cellar – why risk all that effort by not having adequate insurance protection?

Iron Gate works closely with Chubb Insurance to help protect our clients collections while in their home. Recognizing the value and added protection of our inventory software platform, in 2014 Chubb began to offer a 20% discount on their Sommelier insurance package for all Iron Gate clients who subscribe to the service. We also supply and install devices for remote monitoring of your cellar, further adding to the level of protection.

Chubb offers their cellar programs through a network of brokers across Canada. If you would like more information on the program please click HERE.