Cellar Photos – Beautiful & Functional Wine Cellars

With a number of other fine wine professionals, we’ve played a part in creating and maintaining some of the most beautiful and functional fine wine cellars imaginable. Below are just a small selection of photos from the huge number of cellars we’ve worked on. Iron Gate offers a multitude of services that complement your home wine cellar – foremost with our inventory services we specialize in installation and set-up of inventory management software to further the enjoyment of your fine wine. For further information on our iPad app, take a look at CellarManager or just get in touch.

Any builder might tell you they can create a cellar for you, but we highly recommend choosing a specialist who understands the needs for optimum wine storage. Considerations for heating, cooling and humidification requirements are often overlooked unless a builder is knowledgeable in wine cellar construction and truly knows what they are doing. It’s not worth risking your prized wine collection because of poor construction or poor cellar planning, and we truly believe that an investment in fine wine needs a fine cellar to match. For further information on getting your dream cellar started, take a look at our Wine Collecting Info and Links page for builders we trust and recommend – or contact us for more information.

Bridle Path Cellar 1 (Photo)

Photo: Bridle Path Cellar 1


Bridle Path Cellar 2 (Photo)

Photo: Bridle Path Cellar 2


Pewter Plaque Labels (Photo)

Photo: Pewter Plaque Labels


Condo Storage Cellar (Photo)

Photo: Condo Storage Cellar


Woodbridge Cellar

Photo: Woodbridge Cellar



Collingwood Cellar 1

Photo: Collingwood Cellar 1


Collingwood Cellar 2

Photo: Collingwood Cellar 2


Collingwood Cellar 3

Photo: Collingwood Cellar 3


Forest Hill Cellar

Photo: Forest Hill Cellar


Annex Cellar 1

Photo: Annex Cellar 1


Photo: Annex Cellar 2

Photo: Annex Cellar 2