Canadian Charity Wine Auctions

Can I donate my wine to charity auctions?

In Ontario, fundraising through the use of a fine wine auction is a significant source of funding for many deserving charities. Many charities solicit their patrons to donate all or a portion of their collection to be auctioned off at a later date. In return the donor receives a tax receipt for the current value of the wine regardless of its subsequent sale price.

What charities accept wine for auctions?

Iron Gate Auctions Inc. works with a number of charities to assist in the logistics surrounding a fine wine auction fundraising event, including:

How does Iron Gate Wine help charities manage their wine auctions?

Iron Gate Auctions has the facilities, experience, and database of collectors to assist you in selling your wine – whether it’s a private estate auction or a charity wine auction. In October 2020, due to Covid-19, the AGCO began to allow charities to conduct wine auctions online as opposed to the restriction of only holding a live event in the past. Iron Gate subsequently built the most robust, easy to use, online auction platform in Canada. Our launch of the Toronto Symphony wine auction in November 2020 raised a record amount for the charity by showcasing their donated bottles to a national audience over a 7 day period who could now bid from home.

For a reasonable cost per bottle Iron Gate will:

  • Arrange for transport of the wine to our facility once the commitment has been made to donate
  • Coordinate with CCRA accepted appraisers to place a value on the wine for purposes of a tax receipt
  • Inventory the wine and make it available online through Cellar.Care for your organizers
  • Hold the wine in our secure, environmentally controlled vault until the auction occurs
  • Work with the appraiser and the charity to put the wine into auctionable lots
  • Conduct the auction through our auction platform at
  • Communicate the auction to our database of thousands of potential bidders across Canada
  • Arrange for pick up or delivery of the wine to the successful bidder following the auction

Contact us if your charity or estate could benefit from our auction services to assist you in raising funds or selling your wine – with the best possible return for your organization.

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