Wine Decanters – Art of Wine: Bespoke Crystal Commissions

Where can I buy custom engraved wine decanter?

For over thirty years, the world-renowned crystal designer Mark Raynes Roberts has engraved works of art, which reside in private collections, and have also been presented to luminaries in business, the arts, sciences, and sport. Individual carafes and wine decanters commissioned begin at $5,000 each, with Decanter Collections starting at $20,000 for a five piece collection.

“Iron Gate is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Mark Raynes Roberts to showcase these unique artistic services to our collector clients around the world. We are delighted to be introducing his unique, artistic talent to wine enthusiasts who appreciate art and the love of wine. Mark is one-of-a-kind,”

Warren Porter

President, Iron Gate – Private Wine Management

The beauty of fine wine is in its craftsmanship, precision, and delicate balance. It’s a potable art, which explains the devotion of its connoisseurs. Just as a treasured painting deserves the perfect placement to enhance its contemplation, shouldn’t a rare vintage wine be presented in such a way to celebrate its beauty?

Mark Raynes Roberts believes it should.

About Mark Raynes Roberts and his hand engraved wine decanters

Mark Raynes Roberts has created a reputation as an old-school master of hand-engraved crystal; an art form which is as rare today as it was 100 years ago. Trained in his native England by Ronald Pennell, considered by many to be Britain’s finest designer in the field of engraving, Mark quickly established a clientele in North America who appreciated his skill and attention to detail.

At a time when many products are mass produced, it’s refreshing to know that some things are still hand-crafted with such beauty and precision. Hundreds of hours are needed to execute a commission, using techniques that date back thousands of years. These include diamond-wheel engraving for deep engraving; a technique dating back to 3000 BC, and diamond point stippling for the finer detail; a technique from the 16th century. This is precision work at its finest with no room for error, which is why Raynes Roberts is considered a Master. “The greatest challenge in working on an existing functional crystal form is to bring life and beauty to the shape so that it appears as though the form was created exclusively for the engraved design and not the other way around,” comments Raynes Roberts.

Having trained at the Birmingham School of Jewelry Design in England, the artist established Raynes & Co. Ltd in 1984, a company name his great, great grandfather first established in 1873 in Wales. Emigrating in 1982, Raynes Roberts quickly established a blue chip elite for his works in gold, silver as well as crystal, which have been presented to Dr. Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer, and Ken Thomson to name a few. Exhibitions of his work have taken place both in England and North America, including at Asprey in New York, which featured a Ferrari Collection he created in celebration of the Asprey sponsorship of the Ferrari Formula 1 Race Team.

Raynes Roberts has established an exclusive arrangement with Iron Gate to create commissions for the serious wine and art connoisseur. These include not only custom-engraved wine decanters and wine vessel collections, but also personalized hand-engraved glass panel installations for contemporary wine cellars; a service never before available in North America. An original, hand-engraved, glass paneled installation by Mark Raynes Roberts starts at $20,000 – providing a truly unique artistic statement.

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