Cellar And Wine Appraisal

What is the appraised value of my wine collection?

Iron Gate Wine will contract to local certified appraisers to provide present and accurate wine appraisal for the purposes of insurance (we work with Chubb and Hub), sale privately, online, or through auction, divorce, estate, or simply to help you know the value of your wine collection.

Why should I have a wine appraisal done to know how much my wine collection is worth?

While many wines produced today are intended for early consumption and enjoyment, the values of rare, collectible and premium wines can fluctuate over time. There are certain wines that almost alway increase in value too – provided they’re stored correctly. There are multiple reasons why it’s good to know what your cellar is worth, and Iron Gate works with some of the best wine appraisers in Canada and the US to provide accurate appraisals based on where the cellar currently resides. Wines that rest in a cellar in Toronto have a significantly different value than wines in Hong Kong, for instance. As such, few online appraisal systems provide a reasonable or reliable level of accuracy. Perhaps you inherited the cellar, or were gifted a quantity of bottles – or you’re thinking about donating a portion of your cellar to a worthy charitable cause. No matter what the reason, Iron Gate can help you get the most accurate appraisal for your wine.

How do I maintain the appraised value of my wine collection?

Iron Gate have a number of tools that can help you maintain the quality of your wine, and subsequently the value of your cellar – it’s all about provenance. Iron Gate can install systems that remotely monitor your cellar conditions, as well as supply eProvenance sensors that verify those conditions ensuring the best provenance for your wine. For more information, take a look at eProvenance.

Please contact us for further information on getting an accurate appraisal for your cellar.

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