HUB-AIG Insurance For Private Wine Collections

How do I insure my wine collection with HUB-AIG Insurance?

Insurance for your wine collection.

We are happy to announce a new partnership with HUB international HKMB Limited to bring you an optional AIG insurance program, available exclusively to clients of Iron Gate Private Wine Management. This program, created by AIG Private Client Group, provides additional coverage for exposures such as newly acquired bottles, and bottles in transit, i.e., not yet in Iron Gate’s possession, as well as offers up to 150% replacement cost and additional protection against natural disasters.

This is a brief overview of program and pricing:

  • Exclusive for Iron Gate clients, wine coverage can be offered on a stand-alone basis (typically collections are insured only if the company has the client’s home and other assets).
  • There is also a chance to get an excellent ‘full lifestyle’ insurance solution (home and other properties, auto, excess liability, watercraft); “full accounts” are eligible for discounts on wine coverage.
  • The program will start at about $300/year before tax, for minimum coverage ($50K collection where the most valuable bottle could be up to $2500).

How much does it cost to insure my wine collection?

Here’s a rough breakdown of pricing, based on collection size and the price of the most valuable bottle in the collection (pricing will vary based on blanket value and most valuable bottle):

Collection value (blanket coverage)Most valuable bottleAnnual premium
$50KUp to $2500~$300
$100KUp to $5000~$650
$500KUp to $10000~$3500
$1MUp to $10000~$7000

With Iron Gate and HUB HKMB, you can be sure that your investment and passion are fully protected. Also with our program, you can receive credits when insuring other valuable possessions, such as your home, jewelry or art, excess liability, and your vehicles.

For more information, please contact Diane at 416-597-0008 or

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