Private Events

Cocktail Parties

Whether for a Christmas party, client event or simply a personal affair, Iron Gate’s private event space can accommodate between 85-100 people comfortably.  As a private space you are welcome to bring your own alcohol and we do not charge corkage fees for wine.  Those cost savings alone often pay for a large part of the facility. The event space is set up with a full surround-sound system, but also has a mezzanine level perfectly suited for entertainment – whether it’s a string quartet, DJ or live band – the event space can be catered perfectly to your individual needs. For more information on entertainment options & inspiration, click here.  For pricing information and a floor plan please click here.


Bar Area - Cocktail ReceptionCocktail Reception

Main Entrance - Cocktail ReceptionDaniel et Daniel Catering



Wine Tastings

Iron Gate’s private event space can accommodate 85-100 people for a stand up event such as a private wine tasting or public portfolio tasting.

On a continuous and regular basis we host multiple-agent portfolio tastings where local agents present wines from around the world that are only available to restaurants or private individuals. These are very popular events that allow tastings of wines that are often hard to find and hard to taste in Toronto. If you would like to receive invitations to these events, please click HERE and add yourself to our guest list.

 April 16th Tasting

3 Reception6 Facing West Empty

8 Facing NorthEast Empty12 From Mezzanine Empty

14 Hallway to Restroom2 Reception